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No-Shave November


No shave November is celebrated by men all over the world I found out.  The month of November was filled mainly with nights in Lan Kwai Fong.  Otherwise, nothing too exciting happened.  One week, Ari and I went 3 nights in a row…yeah, intense.  It took us about a week to recoop…maybe that’s why I can’t think of anything exciting (the month was filled with sleep!).  We saw LKF the fullest…

…and the emptiest we have ever seen it…

There has been some drama due to the crazy nights at LKF, but hopefully it is all water under the bridge now :-/   I must admit, I will miss this place, these crazy nights out, and all the wonderful people I spend them with.

The above picture is a really good one to see how LKF is set up…it is two streets of bars and clubs.  You can see the never-ending taxi line to take people home…I’ve never not seen a long line of taxis.  The club we go to all the time, China Bar, is on the left street two clubs in from the corner.  This photo was taken on the 30th floor club, Ozone.

These two photos were taken on the busiest night, Carnival.  It was CRAZY.  The crowd was literally at a stand still in the street.  Ari and I headed to our favorite club, China Bar, and the bouncer said, “Tonight it’s a 100 dollar entry fee.”  We looked shocked and Ari said, “For us?! It’s 100 for us??”  The bouncer stepped aside and replied, “Okay okay, not for you two.”  We have been to this club so often the bouncers know us…which comes in handy when there is a cover charge to get it.  Ari and I were SOOOO proud of our stamps that we received for FREE. 


As in America, it’s never too early for Christmas.  This elaborate set-up was available to enjoy in early November.  Ridiculous.