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Lamma Island


It was a rainy, dreary day when we set out to go hiking up a mountain at a fisherman’s village, but since we already paid the school our US$6 for the trip, we thought we would go.  By the time we took the bus and ferry to the “Fisherfolk’s Village”, it was a beautiful day.  We were split into English-speaking and Cantonese-speaking groups for the tours.  We went on an old fishing boat (junk) and then saw all the marine life at the village – a huge koi fish, starfish, sea cucumber, sea urchin, and puffer fish.  Our group then went group fishing (we each took a corner of a net and pulled), but didn’t catch anything.  Next was individual fishing with bamboo rods.  I pulled a fish out of the water, but he jumped off before I could swing him to land (I think they have grown accustomed to this trick).



We went to lunch and had a huge seafood feast for US$13.73.  We ate many shelled creatures, fish, and prawns, which were all quite tasty!  We then went hiking to Yung Shue Wan Pier, seeing a beautiful view of the city and water on the way.  By this time it was super hot, so I was very jealous when a few of my friends went swimming in the very clean beach on the island!  Ania, Nadine, Gilbert (our local group leader), and I walked up to a wind turbine and sat in the wonderful breeze, enjoying another beautiful view of the island.  We met the others (Julie, Noah, and Michael) a bit later and had pizza for dinner.

During dinner, 3 girls came up to us and started talking to us (from England) and were guessing our ages (for me, 19, then 22, 23, 24, 20!).  It was very weird, but very entertaining.  Gilbert told us about a Western supermarket by the ferry station, so we stopped there on the way home to look at all the foods we miss so much!!