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First week of “classes”

While everyone was starting classes, I slept in.  I finally met my roommate, Tina, who is very sweet.  She is from Beijing, is a Year 3 student, and wants to study in America for her Master’s.  She is a very chatty girl and is very interested in learning about all the different states of America, but I like her.


My first experience with Lan Kwai Fong’s infamous Ladies Night Thursday.  I went with Ania – Netherlands, Nadine – Germany, Aisha – England, Ari – born in California, lives in England, and Anne – Korea – to the craziness of the two bar streets.  It was like we left Asia, there were only Westerners in the clubs!  We danced until our legs hurt, then went to another club and met up with even more exchange friends: Anna and Dan (Barbie and Ken, Germany), Michael (Germany), Thorsten (Germany), Winnie (Germany), and Julie (USA).  “Closing Time” played at 4 in the morning, which was our note that we had to leave (being the only ones left in the club).  I finally got to bed at 5:30AM Friday…good thing I do not have class on Fridays!

On Friday, I joined the soccer team. On Friday night, I was finished with the soccer team.  I was not actually that bad, I was just very intimidated by the intense soccer coach (“If you can’t attend every practice, don’t bother being a part of the team” in regards to Friday 8:30 and Sunday 3:00 practices) and the team all spoke Cantonese, which made it difficult to understand what we were doing.